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Boutique Turtle Expedition (Shared)

Available July – October

Most visitors to Tortuguero do the standard turtle nesting tour that involves standing in line with other tourists and waiting to be dispatched to where trackers have found a nesting turtle..

On the Boutique Turtle expedition, which is exclusive to Tortuga Lodge you will walk on a secluded beach to observe sea turtle nesting. Only your Boutique Turtle Nesting Expedition Group will have a one hour boat ride to an isolated stretch of sand that you'll have virtually to yourselves.

You'll depart Tortuga Lodge at approximately 7:00 PM, be sure to have dinner at 6:00 PM. Your guide will take you south on the 1 hour boat ride to a local farm. From the dock, it’s a half mile walk to the beach.

Before you get to the beach, your guide will ask you to stand still and close your eyes for several minutes. When you open them again, your eyes will have gotten used to the darkness and you will be ready to begin your walk on the beach. Taking the time to get used to the darkness is important because flashlights scare the turtles and are not allowed.

Once you’re on the beach, how long you walk depends on how quickly you find a turtle, you might see one within 5 minutes and you might have to walk for 45 minutes or more. When your group is ready, you will walk back to the dock (another half mile) for the 1 hour boat ride back to the lodge.

At least 25 years ago, she broke out of her egg, climbed up through the warm sand, and stumbled down to the ocean shore – through a gauntlet of predators on this very same beach. Perseverance was the first chapter of her life. She is the one in 10,000 who survived. Now she has returned to lay her eggs.

Once you or your guide spots her, you will stand a few feet from a 300 pound Green Sea Turtle while she lays 80-100 eggs, covers up her nest, perhaps digs a false nest to throw off predators, and, finally, after more than an hour, returns to the sea.

Flipper tracks are the only sign left by the previous night’s visitors, but you will have been there to watch her.

Everybody takes away something different from this experience. For some it’s of the cycle of life that for her species has been going on for 11 million years. 100s of thousands of generations of her relatives all had to survive to bring her to this place. Others, as they think about the experience, wonder where she is now, and what is she doing. Still other find themselves comparing her journey to their own journey. No one ever forgets it.

Maximum number of participants 18 per night divided into groups of no more than 10 on the beach.

Price: $119 per person. Families of 4 or more ask about special price.

Duration: 4 - 5 hrs

What to bring: Insect repellent, rain gear, closed toe foot wear is a must (no sandals), black or dark colored light weight clothing, (this is important because turtles are sensitive to light and will return to the water if they perceive any light colored clothing, flashlights, etc.) a water bottle. No Cameras or Flashlights! Imprint your experience in your memory, due to park regulations, photography is NOT permitted, flashlights are NOT allowed because the light will make turtles return to the ocean without laying their eggs.

Includes: Tortuguero naturalist guide, transportation, sodas, beer & wine, natural juices, coffee & snacks.

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