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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens
Featured in National Geographic Tours of a Lifetime, 2012
Arrival Departure Rooms Adults/Room Children/Room (*)
(*) 10 year olds and younger sharing room with parents.

How Can I Help

Tortuga Lodge has always been an active participant in the development of its community. Supporting education continues to be one of its main activities for improving livelihoods.

For this reason, in late 2012, we partnered with Earth Equilibrium, a non-profit organization inspiring and engaging others towards bold action and supporting projects that show that we can live more amicably with our planet. Equilibrium, like Tortuga Lodge believes in the transforming power of education and in the supportive role of travel philanthropy for a destinations community development.

Together with Equilibrium we have identified relevant needs and developed four small projects that will support the educational needs of more than 86 children of Laguna del Tortuguero School. Be part of our efforts and support one of these projects. Your contributions are tax deductible.

Project fundraising status

project fundraising status

Computer Lab

Provide an appropriate computer lab for the students. The lab is almost complete they just need a little push!

  • Supply 20 computers

Fundraising goal: $7,000

What your contribution will get?

$350 $255 $95


We need 86 desks. There are not enough desks for each student and the ones that exist are broken.

Fundraising goals:
Desks: $4,300

What your contribution will get?


Musical Instruments

Help the music program of the community of Tortuguero purchase needed musical instruments. Having a music program in such a remote community is a real rarity that merits support.

Fundraising goal: $1,000

What your contribution will get?

$500 A trombone or a trumpet

There is another great, easy way to help this musical program... have you got an old instrument lying around that you would be willing to donate? If so, put it in your suitcase: this could be the first step for an aspiring Tortuguero musician. Upon your arrival in Costa Rica we will make sure the instrument arrives at the Lodge with you, without including it in the restricted amount of luggage for air and boat travel. Then you can hand it over yourself, or we will bring it to the school program for you.

Instruments desired:

Whatever else you've got.

86 Uniform Supplies for 2014

The majority of the children at the Laguna school come from very impoverished households. A requirement for attending public school is wearing the school uniform. Many children are unable to attend school for this reason.

Fundraising goal: $7052

What your contribution will get?

3 Shirts
2 Pants (Girls 1 pants and 1 skirt)
3 Pairs of socks
If you prefer to send a Check:

Earth Equilibrium Inc.
1061 Mountainview
Duxbury, Vermont 05676

Specify to which project you want to donate.
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Across from the airstrip 1 mile north of the Town of Tortuguero, Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
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