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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens
Featured in National Geographic Tours of a Lifetime, 2012
Arrival Departure Rooms Adults/Room Children/Room (*)
(*) 10 year olds and younger sharing room with parents.

Turtle Nesting
Another Lifetime Memory

At least 25 years ago, she broke out of her egg, climbed up through the warm sand, and stumbled down to the ocean shore – through a gauntlet of predators on this very same beach. Perseverance was the first chapter of her life. She is the one in 10,000 who survived. Now she has returned to lay her eggs. You will stand a few feet from a 300 pound Green Sea Turtle while she lays 80-100 eggs, covers up her nest, perhaps digs a false nest to throw off predators, and, finally, after more than an hour, returns to the sea. Everybody takes away something different from this experience. For some it’s of the cycle of life that for her species, has been going on for 11 million years. 100s of thousands of generations of her relatives all had to survive to bring her to this place. Others as they think about the experience wonder where she is now, and what is she doing. Still other find themselves comparing her journey to their own journey. No one ever forgets the experience.

Since seeing a nesting turtle is such a special experience, we want everyone to have the opportunity. We offer two different nesting experiences: Private and Standard, we also offer Turtle Hatching

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Private Turtle Expedition

Only your Private Turtle Nesting Expedition group will have a one hour boat ride to an isolated stretch of sand that you'll have virtually to yourselves. That's far more conducive to seeing turtles and their entire experience.

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Standard Turtle Nesting

Instead of your private group of up to only 8 people gathered around the turtle, you'll be with a group of up to 50 people.

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Baby Turtle Hatching

Baby turtles dig their way out of the nest and then make their way to the water. Assuming that they can avoid the predators waiting for them both on land and in the ocean 25 to 30 years from now they will return to this very beach and the life-cycle will begin anew.

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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens
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Across from the airstrip 1 mile north of the Town of Tortuguero, Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
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no smoking

Smokers Be Aware!
Costa Rica has recently passed one of the strictest smoking regulations in the world; hotels are 100% SMOKE FREE.
If you are a guest at the hotel, and want to smoke, by law you are required to leave the property. This means that you have to be taken by boat across the river to the beach. Boats are available most of the time but not all the time, you may have to wait (10 minutes – 2 hours) for a boat to return to the lodge before you can be taken across.
Boats are NOT available to take you to a place where you can smoke at night. We realize that this is very inconvenient, but it’s the law. There is an $800 fine for breaking this law.

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