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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Tortuga Lodge & Gardens
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We Recommend Flights to/from Tortuguero - Road Work on Highway 32
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Recommended Stay 3-5 Nights
(*) 10 year olds and younger sharing room with parents.
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Words Adventure

This is a program where our guests visit the tiny town of San Francisco, our lodge’s closest neighbor. There, you’ll participate in an English language program we have set up for local schoolchildren. To learn more about this unique program, that benefits our neighbors and is almost universally enjoyed by guests, visit the Words Adventure page.

Tortuguero Village & Casa Cecropia Visit (Shared)

Prices are per Person

Shared with no more than 12 guests
$34.00 adult / $19.00 child
Rates for tours do not include 13% sales tax

Spend the afternoon or morning with your Tortuga Lodge Guide and husband and wife team Rafa Robles and Clara Beaudoin.Together, they will unfold the history of the Village of Tortuguero, first known as Turtle Bogue.

Tortuguero is one of the youngest place of planet Earth in term of its geological formation. Learn about the formation of the creek and waterway systems of this lowland flooded tropical rainforest, sometimes called the Costa Rican amazon. It is the biggest protected rainforest in Central America but it hasn’t always been that way.

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Sea Turtle Conservancy Visitor Center

On your tour you’ll visit the museum founded by the Sea Turtle Conservation, formerly known as the Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC). The late Dr. Archie Carr first began to study and tag the thousands of Atlantic Green Sea Turtles in 1959. The turtles come every year, from June through October, to Tortuguero Beach to lay their eggs. The study began in 1959 and has continued without fail ever since, under the auspices of the STC. It is the longest-running continuous study of its kind in the world and their work has greatly improved the survival outlook for several species of sea turtles. It has also had a profound effect on the community of Tortuguero. The organization began its work in Costa Rica, but has expanded its research and conservation efforts throughout both Central America and the Wider Caribbean.

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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens
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Across from the airstrip 1 mile north of the Town of Tortuguero, Tortuguero, Costa Rica.

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