Tortuga Lodge

Activity Free of Charge

Hike on your Own

There are four short trails behind the Lodge that offer the opportunity to view nature and tropical wildlife. Be careful, even a whisper may scare away some animals. Very carefully turn over leaves and look the underside for thumbnail-sized Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs. Bathe yourself in insect repellent before you go. The area immediately around the Lodge is relatively insect-free, but as soon as you step into the forest, it gets very as soon as you step into the forest there are many insects. The trail is often very muddy; sandals are not recommended.


Minimum age: adults or children accompanied by an adult.

Duration: 30min – 1 hour and 30 minutes min subject to the trail (1 km,1.5 km,2 km and 3 km)

Schedule: from 06:00am to 4:00pm

Difficulty: easy

Includes: Rubber boots are available at no charge. Ask at Reception.

What to bring? Rubber boots, tennis shoes or hiking shoes, mosquito repellent.

Private Y/N: N/A

Important: DO NOT start on the trail after 5:00pm. It gets dark and dangerous fast. If there have been heavy rains the trails may be flooded, if you are not sure, check with the front desk.

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