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Culinary Experience

On Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, you’ll find a convergence of the most exuberant biodiversity with an intense cultural syncretism, producing a medley of spaces for exchange at all levels of life. Best of all, the synthesis of this coast is one you can smell and taste, from the exquisite savor of rondón stew to the (apparent) simplicity of Caribbean rice and beans.

The strength and freshness of the African tradition emerges with authenticity in a menu designed to surprise and leave an aroma of coconut and spices in your memory forever.

Vegetable-based alternatives, along with mouth-watering Caribbean pastries made by local hands, intensify a sensation that nature and humanity are one, rooted on the same planet, paired in a transcendent vision. Food prepared with love truly takes us to a new level.

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The Green Turtle Restaurant

The Green Turtle Restaurant at Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is beautifully designed with an open-air setting. There are no windows, doors or walls in the restaurant, allowing you to enjoy the captivating beauty and ambiance of the Costa Rican rainforest. Our restaurant offers sweeping views of the Tortuguero River, creating an enchanting dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the evening, flickering candles and torches add a touch of tropical romance and allure. Savor an a la carte menu featuring authentic Costa Rican Caribbean dishes and fusion specialties crafted with passion and creativity.

Before or after your meal, or just to enjoy a glass of wine from our cellar, a bar with a terrace and deck area is located adjacent to the restaurant. The beverage menu includes traditional cocktails along with specialty options crafted by the resident bartender.

The Green Turtle also offers a complimentary afternoon, self-service coffee station, featuring coffee, tea, infusions and sweet treats.

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