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Enjoy The Activities And Things To Do In Our Hotel

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens has earned the best TripAdvisor reviews of all hotels on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and is also proud to be a member of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. Our exclusive luxury lodge on the banks of the Tortuguero River offers effortless access to a diverse and exhilarating range of eco-adventures and things to do. All activities are led by experienced naturalist guides.

hotel tortuga exterior view

Baby Turtles Hatching

Baby turtles dig their way out of the nest and then make their way to the water. Assuming that they can avoid the predators waiting for them both on land and in the ocean, 25 to 30 years from now they will return to this very beach and the life-cycle will begin anew.

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Turtle Nesting

Groups of up to 10 people gather at a dispatching point of the hotel, 15 minutes to 1 hour prior to your tour time, depending on the sector of the beach assigned by the Park Service to your group. Some sectors of the beach are further away and require more time to arrive. Groups have to wait their turn for a tracker who is on the beach with a radio to report a turtle.

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Boat Tour with Local Naturalist Guide

This tour is a three hour trip into the backwater lagoons and creeks of Tortuguero National Park. Your boat is equipped with an ice chest with water and if you'd like to have additional beverages in the boat you can ask your guide to stock your favorite drinks (at additional cost). The time of your scheduled tour may change depending on weather conditions and occupancy.

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Kayaking with Local Naturalist Guide

Kayaking gives you a whole new perspective of the rainforest. From this position, you become the river, look up to see what the rainforest canopy looks like, scan the understory of the forest for foragers.

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Twilight Tour

Explore the 1.4-mile Tortuga Lodge & Gardens Trail on a one- to two-and-a-half-hour tour led by a naturalist guide.

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Tortuguero Village & Casa Cecropia Visit

Spend the afternoon or morning with your Tortuga Lodge Guide and husband and wife team Rafa Robles and Clara Beaudoin. Together, they will unfold the history of the Village of Tortuguero, first known as Turtle Bogue.

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World Adventure

For children in Costa Rica, nothing beyond the Three R's in their language is as valuable to them as learning English. Young adults with a working knowledge of English have vastly more opportunities than their monolingual peers. This is especially important in Tortuguero, where tourism is the largest source of employment. 

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