Tortuguero Lodge

Natural History Boat Excursion

An extraordinary rainforest immersion awaits you on this three-hour boat tour of Tortuguero National Park. Choose from the morning tour after breakfast or early afternoon. The coastal rainforest changes as the day progresses, so feel free to book both excursions, and you’ll discover that no tour is the same.   If you’d like additional beverages, ask the hotel concierge to stock your favorite drinks when you reserve your space (at an additional cost). Tour departure date and time may change according to weather conditions and occupancy. 

Morning: After an early breakfast at the lodge, join your fellow guests and the local naturalist guide for a three-hour boat expedition into Tortuguero National Park. The crisp morning hours are a period of intense activity for animals of the rain forest as they forage for the first meal of the day. Glide through remote backwater creeks and lagoons where Costa Rica wildlife is abundant. Among the hundreds of bird, mammal, and reptile species that inhabit the area, you’ll likely see troupes of spirited Howler monkeys nibbling on tender leaves and Northern Jacana waterfowl perched atop islands of Water Hyacinth in search of insects and miniature shrimp. Look along the riverbanks for caiman quietly waiting for the next meal to swim by or an otter darting through the river grass. Return to the lodge in time for lunch. 

Afternoon: Once the midday heat begins to cool, join your fellow guests and the local naturalist guide for a three-hour boat expedition into Tortuguero National Park. The early afternoon takes on a new rhythm as the rainforest animals become sated from the day’s foraging and begin preparing their evening roosts as the sun drops lower. Egrets and tiger herons move towards their nests, while White-Faced Capuchin monkeys keep the party going until sunset. As the afternoon light dims, the cacophony of the forest comes to a climax, and then, as if on cue… all becomes quiet. Return to the lodge with plenty of time to bathe before dinner.  


Company: operated by Tortuga Lodge 

Min pax: 2 guests 

Minimum age: all ages 

Duration: approximately 2.5 hours  

Schedule: early morning or afternoon 

Difficulty: easy 

Includes: Bilingual naturalist guide, binoculars, transportation, entrance fee to the park. 

What to bring: Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and repellent. 

Private Y/N: Yes (Only guests of the lodge will share your boat. You will most likely encounter other boats within the National Park) 

Restrictions: Swimming is not allowed

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