Attraction in Tortuguero

Tortuguero Beach

Tucked away in a rainforest setting and lined with palm trees for miles, Tortuguero Beach is another good area to spot wildlife, but the main attraction is the Green Sea Turtles when they come to nest from July to October and the baby turtles hatch from late August to October. Guests who visit Tortuguero during these months could witness these nature’s events companioned by a licensed guide, walking along the beach during the nighttime to encounter the turtles that come to shore to lay their eggs, or in the morning or afternoons to watch baby turtles dig their way out of the nest and then make their way to the water.


Tortuguero Beach is also known for having strong currents and bull sharks, a large aggressive shark that often hunts in shallow waters, therefore swimming is not allowed in the beach.

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